The Air Conditioner Compressor Starts then Stops

Air Conditioner Compressor Starts then Stops
It is vital that your air conditioner is capable of performing well under pressure. Air cooling systems are in constant use during summer months, so we must be prepared to maintain the units to keep them running efficiently. Take a look at some of my helpful maintenance tips for split ACs, these useful tips help to maximize the efficiency of split air con systems.

Air Conditioner Compressor Starts then StopsProducts function smoothly when they are well-maintained. All domestic and commercial air conditioners should be regularly maintained to keep them in good working order and to maximize their lifespan.

Listed below are some useful tips:

1. The air filters play an important role and the filters should be changed every month or every couple of months, depending on usage. Fail to change the filters and the air will be polluted and dirty. Run the unit with dirty air conditioning filters and you may end up paying high maintenance and repair charges, you may end up having to replace the unit completely.

2. The compressor is an important part of the ac unit and many people report that the air conditioner compressor starts then stops. This compressor is the component which removes the vapor from the evaporator. Clean the compressor regularly to ensure the air remains fresh and clean. Use specialized AC oil (like A/C Leak Freeze with Magic Frost) to maximize the compressor’s lifespan.

3. As the air passes through the ac system the coil absorbs the heat and begins to produce cold air. Replacing a worn evaporator coil improves air flow and promotes better air circulation within the home.

4. Routine air conditioning maintenance schedules should include cleaning the air duct or ducts. The air conditioning systems air ducts are located all over the home; hence they keep the air cool and fresh. Clean the air ducts regularly to remove dust and grime.

5. Every air con system uses refrigerant. This enables the system to absorb surplus heat and transform it into cool indoor air. If your system develops a refrigerant leak you should contact an hvac tech to check the system and to repair or replace the faulty part.

6. Problems often occur within split ac systems. Try cleaning the air filters, if this fails it is time to call a contractor.

7. If ice blocks the tube then no cold air can pass through the tube. This could indicate the air conditioning refrigerant is low; hence the refrigerant needs to be topped-up or replaced.

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