The Average Cost of Central Air Conditioning Installation

The majority of homes are fitted with air conditioning units and it is rare to see a home without AC. Air conditioning is a necessity in warm climates, it helps the homeowners to remain cool.

A high percentage of central air conditioners cost between three and six thousand dollars, this price includes installation costs. Air conditioning could not be regarded as a minor investment, however, in many cases it is a necessity. Those considering buying a new air conditioner should consider the following things.

A central air conditioner should be installed by experienced contractors. The cost will vary depending on the type of unit purchased and the existing ducts. Contact several qualified contractors and ask them to supply a quote. Compare the quotes before buying and installing the new unit. Hire and experienced contractor who is easy to get on with and check their references beforehand.

The average cost of central air conditioning installation will range from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the type of unit purchased.

Air con units run on electricity, so running the air con increases annual energy costs. Homeowners who reside in hot climates can expect to receive high energy bills, but the home must be kept cool and comfortable. Combat the costs by purchasing an energy efficient ac unit. A larger unit may cost more, but you could make long term energy savings.

All air conditioners are marked with an energy efficiency rating. Look at the different kinds of unit and compare the running costs. Energy efficient air cooling units lower energy bills and an efficient ac system uses less energy to cool the home.

It is important to buy the right size unit for your home. Buy an air cooler that is too small and it will need to overwork to cool the air. Buy a unit that is too large and you waste energy. Contact a qualified air con contractor and ask them to measure your home and recommend a suitable AC unit.

Ask the contractor to supply a written contract before he commences work and ensure the costs are clear. The price for the work should include supplying and fitting the unit. The contract should included payment details and warranty information. The warranty generally covers the compressor and a number of other components. It is not wise to buy an ac unit that has less than a five year warranty, if possible, invest in an air cooling unit that comes with a ten year warranty.

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