The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Different Options In Air Conditioner Units

through the wall air conditioner and heater
The warm weather is here. Now is a good time to think about purchasing a new air conditioner or simply updating the unit that you currently own. Central AC systems, room air conditioners and all the units that fall in-between serve their purposes. Whether you need an additional air conditioner for a single room, currently have heat but need to have cold air, live on a nominal through the wall air conditioner and heaterbudget, reside in a dated home that lacks AC or are ready to go all out – check out the different air conditioning units that are listed below because there is definitely an option in there for you.

Room Air Conditioning Units:

These units cool rooms even though they tend to be low in efficiency and a lot noisier, but they can also be less expensive to operate given that these units are simply used in the spaces where they are required, rather than throughout the entire house.

Through The Wall Units

-What these are: These are typically used to cool just one room. They operate like window AC units, only these are mounted permanently through the wall. It is additionally possible to find a through the wall air conditioner and heater that can be used all year long.

-Benefits: These don’t block the window. You do not have to remove and store these during the winter months.

-Drawbacks: These are not easy to install in already built homes. They must be installed in areas where there are no pipes or electrical wiring. It could be a problem to cut a hole in the wall if the wall is made from stone, concrete or brick. It is not easy to hide these units during thee winter. It will also be necessary to seal this unit off during the cold season to prevent cold air from entering the home.

Window Mounted Air Conditioning Units

What these are: These are compact units that are made to fit inside of windows. A lot of these are made for windows that are double-hung, however, there are options that are made for window casements. Make sure to buy a unit that is designed for the window type that you have. A lot of models come with kits for window mounting and these will have sill brackets for supporting the unit and even side vents that provide an airtight fit.

-Benefits: Buying several will allow you to adjust the temperature of every room in the home. These are easy to remove and store when the weather becomes cold.

-Drawbacks: Window views can be compromised. It must be taken down or winterized for the cold weather season

Free Standing Portables

-What these are: These units weigh about 80 pounds and stand approximately 30 inches tall on the floor. They can have single or dual vent designs. A dual vent model will circulate clean air through the room and can cool a space quickly. These usually have wheels which make them easier to move. You can connect them to a window for venting the hot air. A lot of models come with kits for window venting and these can be moved from room to room given that they are very easy to install.

-Benefits: These units are mobile and can therefore be moved from one room to the next. It is not necessary to window mount these designs. Move the AC to any room in the home depending on where you want to be. A lot of these options have features that minimize the need to empty the condensation bin, which makes them easier to use, they can also remove moisture from the indoor air and this reduces the likelihood of mold development. Able to keep individual rooms at different temperatures.

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