The Benefits of a Mobile Air Conditioning Unit

ventless windowless air conditioner
Are you trying to find air cooling appliances that can be installed easily and practically? Also, do you need units that operate with more efficiency than the central air conditioner you currently have?

There are other options available, but the demand for portable air conditioners is increasing at this time! Why should you select them and what are their advantages?

Portable air conditioning units are also referred to as “mobile AC units”, and can be carried, relocated or re-installed much easier than window AC units. They can be moved between rooms and eliminates the additional costs associated, with the installation of central AC units.

If you reside in a small apartment, then they are the ideal choice as usually space is limited, and there is inadequate space for installation of a window or central AC unit. Additionally, many homeowners use mobile units to complement their already installed central air conditioner systems. The mobile units contribute greatly to a reduction in your high energy bill.

Additional Information About Portable Air Conditioners:

1. Selecting the correct size is very important, in ensuring that they operate optimally and efficiently. The opinion that some persons have that “bigger size is better” is totally wrong!

The size of the unit should be compatible with the large space of the room, so do not get an over-sized unit for your space! The more popular sizes currently available are: around 5.000 BTU -7,000 BTU – 14,000 BTU, as well as 60,000 BTU.

2. A major drawback of these mobile units is the noise level. However, there are some that now come with a split design, which can function without any noise.

3. Similar to other general air conditioners, they produce some amount of water condensation which assists in the cooling of the actual unit, but the rest has to be removed.

For a more practical option, it is recommended that you purchase a unit that comes with “automatically-evaporative technology”. This feature allows for the unit to automatically drain the remainder of water condensation.

4. Depending on the hose mechanism, there are two types of models that are either “mono-block hose” or “air-to-air”. The unit with “air-to-air” is advisable, if you require a unit that does not need human assistance in the removal of the moisture, but instead runs continuously.

5. Using a mobile unit that has a higher value of SEER and Energy Stay approval, will give the best results! The air conditioner filter must be checked at least once per month, depending on the quality of the filter and the air pollution level in your immediate surroundings.

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