The Benefits of Buying a Used Ductless Air Conditioning System

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Ductless cooling and heating units are ideal for homes that do not have a duct system. This include those houses that utilize electric baseboard heating or have a gravity or wall furnace.

A ductless mini split system offers quiet performance and is energy efficient for affordable operating costs. Because these systems are becoming so popular, consumers can find used ductless air conditioning systems on Ebay, CraigsList and other similar websites.

The Advantages of Purchasing a Ductless Air Conditioner

Flexibility — These systems are small enough to fit into any tight space in any size room. They allow for setting up multiple temperature zones in a large room. Some systems feature up to four units to handle climate control in four different rooms.

All units, regardless of how many there may be, are connected to a single outdoor unit. Consumers should calculate the number of units needed based on the size of the space they have to cool.

Simple Installation — Installation requires drilling a 3-inch hole in the wall to accommodate the conduit. Manufacturers supply conduits in various lengths to meet each consumer’s individual needs. The outdoor unit and the indoor evaporator can be as much as 50 feet apart.

Energy Efficient — Ductless systems do not waste as much energy as central air conditioners do under normal operation. Thirty percent of the energy consumed by a central system is lost through the duct, especially those located in attics.

Attractive Package — The compressor can be hidden away so as not to detract from the room’s decor. Consumers can choose to suspend the unit from the ceiling or mount it on a wall. Some units are freestanding and can be placed anywhere on the floor where there is open space. Many have remote control units allowing the user to control the system from anywhere inside the room without having to get up and walk to where the unit is located.

Improve Home Safety — Because a split system is mounted permanently through the wall, it offers more home security than a window unit, which requires the window to be partially open while it is in place.

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