The Benefits of Installing a Quad Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner

Window Unit Air Conditioner Keeps Shutting Off
Many different home heating and air cooling systems are available at a price to fit any size budget.

Quad Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner A split system air conditioning unit is among the most popular with consumers these days. These systems consist of multiple components with an air handler inside the building and the condenser installed outside to reduce the noise. These components are linked together using refrigeration pipe which transfers chemical refrigerant between the two components.

Consumers can choose between a dual zone air cooling system and a quad zone mini split air conditioner depending on their specific needs. A quad zone system allows for cooling in four separate rooms simultaneously.

Our favorite quad zone unit is the Senville 893088001157 Aura 36,000 BTU Quad Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner.

Another option for cooling the home is a unit that is contained in a single cabinet and utilizes similar components with the exception of a duct system. This type of system is installed outdoors and features a duct system installed on a roof or in an exterior wall, which circulates the cool air through the room.

These units are effective for multiple applications but in most cases, split systems are installed in homes and packaged units are typically used in commercial buildings.

Air conditioning systems are rated in British thermal units, or BTUs, which is an industry standard used to measure thermal energy. The amount of thermal energy it takes to raise a pound of water’s temperature by one degree Fahrenheit is equal to a single British thermal unit.

This means that a one ton unit is equivalent to 12,000 BTUs per hour. The capacity of air conditioning units increases in half-ton increments except in window and portable air cooling systems.

Many property owners who live in geographical areas where the summers are hot and humid can benefit from the installation of an air conditioner that can maintain a clean, safe and comfortable environment.

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