The Best Air Conditioners For NYC Apartments Are Portable Units

Are you searching around for the best air conditioners for NYC apartments? If so, then get some relief from the hot this summer by getting yourself a portable AC, which is great to get if your apartment does not have room for a cooling system.

Check out our in-depth reviews of the top portable ac units on this post.

Air conditioners that are portable are kind of like ones that are mounted to a wall or installed in a window, except the key difference is that it is just a modified version.

Portable AC units are great because some people just do not have space to fit a unit in their window, or they cannot put a whole through the wall due to not being allowed to do so.

Units that are portable can be carried virtually anywhere. However, there a few few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to these kinds of units.

The first thing you should consider is that you will need to use proper venting systems, as well as use exhaust hoses. This is because mobile AC units use Freon gas, which means that ventilation should be within 7 feet.

Mobile units are used in both warehouses and apartments that do not have a lot of space. They are used in such places because it is an affordable alternative to other types of cooling systems.

The good thing about mobile units is that many of them come equipped with kits that allow proper ventilation, which is important because hot air needs to be ventilated properly, and it is a must if an area is going to be cooled down.

The hoses that are typically used to ventilate are between 5-7 feet long, and they are durable, as they are generally made with quality material.

If you have specific requirements, then the good news is that the ventilation of the mobile AC can be modified.

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