The Best Ductless Air Conditioning System

Perhaps you are of the opinion that it is impossible to add air conditioning to older houses, however this is possible with the installation of ductless air conditioners. How to locate and install the best ductless air conditioning system is explained in this article.

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The Benefits of Installation of These Ductless Units

This type of unit is very simple to install, as there are no duct related work or invasive components that require installation. All that needs to be set up are the internal and external units, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

These are usually included in the installation material provided with the ductless system, or these documents can be obtained from the website of the specific manufacturer.

This type of unit also uses less energy than the duct type unit. The reason for this is one hidden in physics, where it is much easier to let gravity move the air downwards from the top to the bottom, rather than to pump it upwards to the downside.

In regular units that contain ducts, the evaporator is located in the basement, making it more difficult to take in air from there, transport it into the house to first cool it and then to drop it afterwards!

These units are also more reliable, and easier to maintain, since they contain less moving parts than regular units. The resulting costs are also much lower.

This type of ductless cooling system may not be ideal for all persons, but is easy and affordable for those with older houses. Although there are several benefits of these units, the most important one is the reduced operating costs.

If you don’t want to complete installation yourself, you can speak with a few local installation companies. Otherwise you can do the installation which is easy, and will only need the services of a plumber and electrician to eventually complete the final hookup.

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