The Best Evaporative Cooler Pads

Undoubtedly, the best evaporative cooler pads that we have used are the Aspen Snow Cool 22 in. x 24 in. Replacement Evaporative Cooler Pad 7IP (Pack of 6) brand.

Their uni-pad construction allows for an even flow of air throughout the pad. These pads also have grid-flo stitching, which results in fast pad saturation, and the prevention of any sagging or clogging. For the delivery of quick, cool air, these are the most suitable pads.

After trying the paper and blue replacement pads several times, we found that they did not function well. The Aspen pads or wood cellulose worked much better.

My swamp cooler does an incredible job of maintaining a cool temperature in my house, even during days when we are experiencing high humidity. To get the best outcome, always use 2 pads per louver.

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