The Best Placement for Portable Air Conditioner

Where should you situate your new ac unit and what is considered the best placement for portable air conditioner? Here are some ideas:

Many air conditioners are vented through a double-hung window or a vertical sash window using special ac window vent kits. The same A/C vent kits can be used to vent an air conditioner via sliding glass windows.

For instance, read the Danby DPAC10011 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner User Manual and note it provides comprehensive instructions to install the portable cooling unit through a sliding window.

Follow these instructions to situate the air con unit near a sliding glass door or window.

Double check the manufacturers instructions to make sure the portable cooler can be installed through sliding windows. In certain cases, additional accessories may need to be purchased.

Venting an air con system through a sliding window is much more difficult than installing it through the window. Many traditional window ac installation kits are not long enough to go over the door. If you are installing an ac unit through sliding doors we recommend you use two venting kits that are compatible with the portable AC chosen.

Use screws to fix the two window installation kits together. Styrofoam and plywood can be used to cover and insulate the portable air cooling device.

There are hundreds of types of air cooling units, so it is important to look at the owners manual. The instructions will offer clear guidelines and inform you of any potential hazards.

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