The Best Portable Air Conditioner on the Market

wall mounted air conditioner units
The summer heat has made air conditioning a must in most places around the country with the portable type increasingly gaining popularity. The rules and requirements in many rental units and condos have made portable air conditioners a necessity.

Using other forms of cooling will often result in a violation of rent contracts, problems in structural integrity, or even the building code. Residents find themselves with little to no choice regarding the matter: they simply have to utilize smaller and more practical models.

As a matter of fact, the portable air conditioner sector has grown tremendously in the past decade. For our most in-depth reviews of the best portable air conditioners, check out our comparison chart.

Dual hose units such as the Whynter 14000 BTU are great. They definitely represent an improvement over the old single hose design thanks to their cost effectiveness. There is a misconception that having a single hose is more convenient as there will be less to worry about.

In practice, we find that the opposite is true. This is because having only one hose makes the unit work too hard to achieve the needed cooling effect.

A singular hose will have to blast out all the heat from the room by itself. As it tries to pump the air to the room’s exteriors, new air molecules get to sneak inside. Thus, the system has to remove the heat from this as well. It is a continuous cycle that makes the unit vulnerable to breakdowns sooner than its dual hose counterpart.

Homeowners who wish to avoid costly repairs should choose a dual system from the outset. Their design makes them more efficient at cooling the air. At the same BTU rating, they will be as capable as single-hose models but they will use much less energy to get the job done.

Another advantage of this higher efficiency is lower consumption. People will notice a significant decline in their monthly bills thanks to the shift from single to dual. Since the cooling system contributes a large percentage to the household energy consumption, this change will truly be felt and could result in hundreds of dollars in savings per year.

This amount could already justify the cost of a new unit so there is no reason to think twice. If you are in the hunt for an AC system replacement, check out dual-hose portables. They will last longer and save you money in the long run.

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