The Best Portable Air Conditioner Units Haier Produces

wall mounted air conditioner units
Haier air conditioner units are designed for use in both commercial and residential spaces. There are a number of models that are currently available including casement and slider models and commercial cool portable designs. Nearly every Haier AC unit has an exhaust hose that makes it easy to remove and get rid of water that has collected inside of these designs.

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A few of the helpful features that Haier ACs include are energy efficiency, evaporative functioning and the removal of moisture. Start looking for the best portable air conditioner Best Portable Air Conditioner Unitsunits Haier produces.

Haier ESAD 4066 Eco Series Air Conditioner:

This model has a cooling capacity of 6000 BTUs and an energy efficient rating of 12. It boasts an ultra-violet air filter that removes odor, pollution and allergens from the indoor air. It cleans the indoor environment by removing smoke, dust and pollen.

Additional features that come standard include digital temperature and time display and refrigerant that is environmentally-friendly. four fan speeds, a restart option, several cooling settings, automatic swing and remote control functionality for enhanced convenience and comfort.

Haier ESA 3259 Energy Star Air Conditioning Unit:

Are you searching for replacement ideas that are energy-efficient and perfect for your contemporary abode? Look no further than this model which is Energy Star approved, has a cooling capacity of 25000 BTU, a 9.4 rating in efficiency and a mode for dehumidification.

It also has moisture removal functionality, a modern design, 3 cooling settings and fan speeds, a remote control and an all top discharge. This unit also has a warranty for defective parts and labor. The dimensions for this unit in inches are 25 and 21/32 for depth, 18 and 21/32 for height and a width of 26 and 9/16.

Haier ESA3186 Electronic Control AC Unit:

This air conditioning unit is Energy Star approved, has a 17000 BTU cooling capacity and 10.7 energy efficiency rating. It is perfect for cooling large rooms and many residential spaces. Both versatile and stylish, this AC unit has an affordable price and many different functions such as cleaning, cooling and dehumidifying the air. Among its many remarkable features include a an indoor coil that has a hydrophilic resin coating to prevent corrosion, a three speed fan and an electrostatic filter.

Haier ESA3159 Electronic Control Air Conditioner:

This model has an energy efficiency rating of 10.7 and offers 14700 BTUs of cooling capacity that is perfect for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. It cools, cleans and dehumidifies the air while remaining safe for daily use. Some of the top features included its electrostatic filter, dehumidification mode, slide out chassis, Enviro-Clean coil, digital temperature and time display three fan and cooling settings and remote control. The dimensions in inches for this model are 25 and 3/8 for depth, 16 inches for height and 24 an 3/8 for width.

Haier ESA3125 Electronic Control:

This AC model has a 10.8 energy efficiency rating and multi-function cooling, cleaning and dehumidification capabilities. In dehumidification mode it can prevent mold growth. It condenses moisture on a cool surface, thereby taking it out of the air. It has a digital thermostat and time and temperature display. You have a number of cooling options as well, given that it has 3 cooling settings and fan speeds.

Haier ESA 3089 Air Conditioner:

This unit meets the stringent energy efficiency standards for the prevention of greenhouse emissions. It has a cooling capacity of 7800 BTU and an efficiency rating of 10.8, a lightweight design for ease of install in windows and an electric static filter. It is 18.5 inches in width, has a depth of 15 and 11/32 inches and a height of 12 7/16 inches.

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