The Best Portable Air Conditioners Quiet Models

Want a really quiet portable air conditioning unit for the home?

Then the best bet is the Soleus BPB08 portable air conditioner. Providing 8,000 BTUs of cooled output, this self-evaporative unit is a breeze to operate with a 3-speed fan and LED control panel. This Soleus model also has the best energy rating in its class, coming with air conditioning, fan and dehumidifier in 1 unit.

This portable unit cools up to 175 square feet of interior space, making is a good choice for medium to large sized rooms. Though high on output, this unit is energy efficient and quiet even when operating on the high setting. People say it is difficult to hear if the unit is running.

The special features of the Soleus BPB08 are its remote control, 24-hour programmable timer, window kit and self-evaporation. Also, as it is compact and portable, it does not have to be permanently installed in the home. It comes with 4 wheels and handles on the side, making it movable from area to area. Adjustable louvers direct the air in 4 different directions, enabling the owner to target the part of the room which needs the cooling.

This Soleus model also contains an eco-friendly refrigerant (R-410A), cools well has a good SEER rating. The self-evaporation feature is state-of-the-art, being super-efficient and producing less condensate than other air conditioners. There’s no condensate tray or tank to empty. It features a direct drain function.

All condensate which has built up during use is sent out the exhaust without the user having to do anything. In addition, the Soleus BPB08 dehumidifies well, taking up to 38 pints of moisture out of the air daily.

Quiet, convenient, energy-sparing and powerful, this Soleus air conditioning unit is one of the best on the market. It answers “yes” to the question, “Are best portable air conditioners quiet?”

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