The Best Rated Air Conditioners Portable Units

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Portable air conditioning systems, also known as PACs are compact air cooling units used to cool smaller spaces. This type of cooling device differs from the traditional air conditioning unit. The portable cooler can stand on the floor and it does not need to be installed or fixed to the wall.

The stand alone cooling units are not large. Choose the right type of free-standing ac unit and it will cool the room effectively. Are you thinking of buying a PAC, but find it hard to choose between brands?

This article offers a brief guide to the best rated air conditioners portable available online.

The Best Portable Air Conditioners – Reviews and Recommendations

1. NewAir AC-10000E

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This smart free-standing ac unit is slim and compact. It is ideal for cooling offices, smaller spaces and tiny bedrooms. The neat unit is fitted with patented self-evaporating technology that helps to prevent condensation from building-up when the cooler is used over long periods of time. This innovative AC unit helps to eliminate air moisture too.

2. Sharp CV-2P10SX

Some portable air conditioners are extremely noisy; in fact some free-standing air con systems make so much noise it is hard to concentrate. This is a popular air conditioning unit because the Sharp model is fitted with a “Library Quiet” cooling system. The free-standing air con unit is sleek and attractive and capable of cooling spaces up to 350 square feet.

The unit has a built-in, fully functioning Plasma-cluster ionizer. This component helps to refresh the indoor air and reduce unpleasant odors. The standalone cooling system is fitted with automatic oscillating louvers that improve the cooling.

3. MobilComfort KY-80

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The MobilComfort KY-80 is one of the best compact cooling units on the market today. The portable cooling device is perfect for cooling offices and small bedrooms. The slimline free-standing cooling unit can be stored in a cupboard when not in use, so it will never be in the way.

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