The Best Through the Wall Air Conditioner

the best through the wall air conditioner
The best through the wall air conditioner we tested is the Friedrich CP08G10 7800 btu – 115 volt – 10.8 EER Chill series room air conditioner. With three cooling and fan speeds this unit has a capacity of 7,800 BTU, (British Thermal Units). The unit can remove up to 2.2 pints each hour. The washable anti-microbial air filter has a four way the best through the wall air conditionerair flow, with a stale air exhaust. This type of air-conditioner is best for a room that is no more than 300 square feet.

The Friedrich unit has a cooling wattage of 720 watts operating on 115 volts of power. It also has cooling amperage of 6.8 amps. The conditioning unit has a side air circulation of 250 cubic feet per minute, (CFM). The unit comes with a six foot long power cord.

The 24-hour timer gives users the option to automatically program the air conditioning unit when to turn on and off. If the power is interrupted the unit automatically saves the programmed settings. The auto sweep swing provides even air distribution throughout the room.

With the energy efficient rating of 10.8 this particular item is a qualified Energy Star air conditioner. The Friedrich CPO8G10 uses environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant. The digital remote can adjust the fan speed and temperature. The digital remote has a bright LCD display and can be used to set the automatic timer.

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