The Convenience of a Free Standing Air Conditioner Heater

free standing air conditioner heater
An easy way to save money on energy bills this summer is to use a free-standing AC system. These units do not require a great deal of room, like a window AC, and they can be just as energy efficient as a central AC system. They provide cost-efficient cooling and you can purchase multiple units to be placed in different areas of your home. There are a variety of different types of free standing AC units and each comes with its own benefits.

free standing air conditioner heaterSome units come with a remote control for easy operation, others rely on manual operation. Some AC systems offer a dual advantage and are a convenient free standing air conditioner heater system. Other units provide functions such as a dehumidifier, while others offer fan-only operation. Some functions that can be found on certain models include automatic air purification features and programmable timers. These extra features provide another way to save money by providing more energy efficient use.

Our favorite free standing air conditioner heater is the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner with Heater (ARC-14SH). This is an excellent unit at a fair price and it can be used year round.

Using this type of equipment can help ensure a proper balance of moisture and dryness is maintained in the air, which can lead to a more comfortable and cooler environment. There are some units that can cool a number of rooms from a single location. This can provide an energy efficient way to save on cooling costs, especially during a long hot summer.

One use that is extremely popular for this type of AC system is to use it for cooling a room that houses a computer server. Another popular use for these units is cooling a meeting room, especially during an event when there are a number of people and the regular air conditioning system is not working. These air conditioning units offer a reliable backup system.

A free standing AC uses Freon for cooling. An adjustable hose is used to remove hot air from the room. The AC unit them uses Freon to cool the air which is dispersed into the room to keep it cool. This process creates condensation, but the unit collects the water internally. The water can then be removed by manually emptying the reservoir or some units have an automatic drain hose. In fact, some of the most recent models offer water removal through evaporation.

This type of air conditioning system, when used properly, is able to provide up to 50% in energy savings over a traditional central AC system. These units also offer a longer life expectancy and are more durable than other traditional units. The convenience of portability adds another level of energy efficiency. In summary, a free standing air conditioner is an energy efficient and convenient way to cool any room in your home.

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