The Cost of Running an Air Conditioner Per Month

Air Conditioner Cost Per Month
Here is a general look at the cost difference of running a ceiling or oscillating fan as opposed to an air conditioner.

Run a three ton (average efficiency) central air conditioning unit for eight hours daily, fifteen days a month at an average rate of 0.17 per kilowatt hour and the air conditioner cost per month will amount to $97.92. Now, that is quite a sum of money isn’t it?

However, the amount quoted doesn’t include running the stove, washer, lights, refrigerator or dryer. Air Conditioner Cost Per MonthYes, this is the amount of money used to run the air conditioner alone.

On the flip side of the coin, run an oscillating fan or a ceiling fan on medium speed for eight hours daily, for a total of thirty days at the average rate of 0.035 per kilowatt hour and you pay just $1.43.

In reality, this means you could run sixty eight oscillating fans for one month before you reach the total cost of running a central air con unit.

There are various ways to lower your energy bills. Inspecting, cleaning and replacing the air filters monthly will reduce your electric bills. Raise the thermostat temperature if you are going out, but don’t let your pets get cold.

Turn the water heater temperature down to one hundred and twenty degrees, never wash or dry half a load and remember to use the dryer’s energy saving cycle.

Other major energy saving tips includes caulking windows, doors and pipes and replacing incandescent lamps with fluorescent bulbs.

Using weather stripping around windows, pipes and doors and testing ducts for air leaks. An air conditioner loses around 20% of its functioning power if it has a leaky duct.

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