The Goodman Mini Split Air Conditioner is Convenient

Split Air Conditioner Comparison
Goodman offers the MS series. The 18,000 Btu 20.3 Seer Goodman Single-Zone Mini Split Air Conditioning System – MSC183E19AX – MSC183E19MC air conditioner is ideal when it is not possible to install duct work. The mini split air conditioner systems function like any other heat pump or split-air conditioning, but they can be fitted without installing sheet metal ducts.

The indoor and outdoor units are installed via a three and a half inch opening made in the wall. The drain water, refrigerant and controls run through the one small opening, making installation easier. The indoor ac unit will be placed high on the wall and it can be remotely controlled.

The split ac systems are perfect for decks, garages and porches, or any other enclosed space that cannot benefit from the central air con system. This unit is ideal for cooling sunny rooms or areas where sound systems and televisions heat the air.

Mini-split coolers are cost-effective to run. They heat and cool the air well and the remote controlled unit is convenient. Most importantly, this type of unit offers extra comfort without making costly amendments to the main AC system.

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