The Importance of the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio When Buying an Air Conditioner

cube split air conditioner
An air conditioner is mandatory equipment during the summer months, especially in regions where temperatures soar above the 100-degree mark on a daily basis. A quality unit with a high energy efficiency level will control indoor temperatures, while saving energy and creating a comfortable place to live and work.

cube split air conditionerMost homeowners are looking for ways to save on expenses any way they can and running the air conditioner every day can result in large utility bills. To save money, consumers should purchase a cooling system that has features to increase its energy efficiency.

The first factor to consider is the size of the area that needs to be cooled and choosing an air conditioner that suits the homeowner€’s specific needs.

A larger unit will not necessarily cool a room better than a smaller one. Additional factors to consider are which direction the windows face and how many windows are in the room. Purchasing an air conditioning unit that is bigger than the space requires will not make the room cooler and will cost more to operate.

Another thing to look at is the air conditioner’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio. Experts in the industry recommend purchasing a unit that has a minimum of an 11 energy efficiency ratio.

The more efficient the unit, the higher the purchase price but consumers will save money on energy costs, which adds up over the life of the equipment. Homeowners who have an air conditioning system with an efficiency ratio less than the recommended amount should consider purchasing a replacement with a higher ratio for the best performance.

Regular maintenance is crucial for maintaining the energy efficiency of any cooling system and extending its life. A comprehensive inspection right before summer and replacing the air filters on a regular basis will ensure the unit is running at peak capacity when it is needed most.

After purchasing a cooling system, homeowners can take steps to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency. The condenser should be installed in a location that does not receive direct sunlight and has enough empty space around it to dispel hot air that it draws from the interior. This means cutting back any vegetation that may be blocking airflow.

Strategically placed bushes and trees can help shade the home from direct sunshine, especially on the sides of the structure facing south and west. Following these tips and purchasing an energy efficient air conditioner can save consumers approximately one-third on their annual utility expenses.

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