The Insider’s Guide to the Dast Portable Air Conditioner

ac portable dast
Dast manufacturers a number of different portable air conditioners for the Indonesian market. The most popular model is the 9000 BTUs, which can cool a room up to  400 square feet.

ac portable dastThe ac portable Dast unit is also renowned for its many useful features, including a relatively low noise level of 54 decibels. The Dast models also come with excellent humidity controls. The EER for the Dast portable 9000 is okay, with a 2.7 EER. In the US, we recommend an EER of 10 for best energy efficiency and lowest running costs.

Dast also sells other brands of air conditioners, most prominently the Fujitsu brand. In fact, Dast is the sole agent for Fujitsu air conditioners in Indonesia.

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