The Most Common Portable Air Conditioner Problems and What to Do About Them

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A portable air conditioning unit is an important investment, and this is why there is more to consider than simply plugging in this type of device. Your portable device may run just fine, but portable air conditioner problems may happen if regular maintenance is absent from the equation.

Your air conditioning unit may stop working at the the worst possible times, and this may lead to unavoidable and costly repairs. Your portable conditioner may lose efficiency without proper care, and this can lead to higher energy costs as well.

portable air conditioner problemsThe good news is that following a few guidelines as outlined in your instruction manual can help you avoid many problems and enjoy your portable ac appliance to its fullest potential. A straightforward plan can ensure that you enjoy peak performance, and reviewing some troubleshooting tips can help you if you do encounter any problems.

Portable Air Conditioner: Preventive Maintenance

Many portable air conditioner problems are preventable, and filter maintenance is a primary example. Air conditioners need filters, and the cleanliness of the filter has a big effect on efficiency and performance. Cleaning your filter once a month should be part of your maintenance schedule, and monthly cleaning will help ensure peak efficiency.

Dirty condenser coils will lead to problems, and you should inspect the coils to make sure that they are not covered by dirt and dust. Grime and dust may be hard to see, but vacuuming the coils with a small crevice tool will help you remove any particles from small and tight spaces.

Other Common Problems

You may encounter problems despite a diligent maintenance schedule.

Foul Odors

Your air conditioner may emit a musty odor, and this may be due to moisture that has collected along with dust and dirt. Mildew and mold may form on the drip tray, but a simple soap and water cleaning of the tray can alleviate this problem. A yearly drip tray cleaning would be recommended for any portable unit, and you may avoid this problem in the future with regular inspections and cleanings.

Water Leaking

Water leakage can happen for several reasons, including interior moisture related to mold and mildew. Your unit may be tilted incorrectly, and this may be hampering the drainage capability as well. Inspecting and cleaning the drip tray and adjusting the tilt of your air conditioner may correct water leakage problems.

These simple but necessary guidelines may be all you need to keep your portable unit running smoothly and efficiently.

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