The Pioneer is One of the Best Ductless AC Units

Are you currently looking for the best ductless ac units?

We strongly recommend the Pioneer ductless split cooling a/c unit.You can read our full in-depth review here.

These powerful ductless units provide fantastic cooling power. The Pioneer ductless, powerful cooling unit comes with excellent DIY installation instructions, and outstanding customer support.

For many years the best ductless equipment has been available to the public. The outside interior wall is the best place to mount this professional cooling unit. A small hole is made into the wall to provide for wiring access, refrigerant piping and the condensation drain.

The outside wall needs to be at least one hundred and fifty feet for large units. The outside unit is small and compact. It can be mounted on an outside wall as long as it is at least fifty feet. The specific make and model will determined the length that is required.

This new product has several attractive features that customers like to see in an a/c unit. The most favorable, dominant feature of this product is the ability to remove the humidity from a room. Customers are impressed by the machine as it is permanently installed inside the room. Customers will not need to remove the ac unit with the change of seasons.

With their attractive, streamlined design this new machine unit will fit well in any room in your house. With the compressor located outside this unit is very similar to a central a/c cooling machine. By placing the compressor outside insures the unit will be quiet and peaceful so as not to interrupt your day.

One of the features of this item is the thermostatic control and quiet variable blower. A LCD hand held wireless remote comes with the unit.

This item has a top rating of 10 to 11; it is a very energy efficient air conditioner.

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