The Problem with Using a Too Small Air Conditioner

You got yourself 3 estimates for installing central AC in your home. On each quote you see there is a different sized unit. How do you decide? You never want to be using too small air conditioner.

Should you choose the purchase the middle one just to be on the safe side? Well, that is still a hit or miss proposition. This article will explain the way this works and the consequences of not getting this right.

To begin with, air conditioning has never been labeled as being an exact science. You’ll find that there are a lot of variables and different factors that may affect how your AC system performs. These same factors will be what determines the proper size that your AC needs to be. So now we’ll delve into some of the problems that can arise for having an AC system that is either too large or not large enough.

If you have a central air system that’s too large for whatever space you’re trying to cool, then you have actually put yourself into a worse position than if the unit was too small. Having a system that is too large can lead to some very critical problems.

When the AC system carries too much capacity, it will cool the house too quickly and rob you of the secondary effect it has been designed to deliver (dehumidifying). If the systems cools the air before it has the time to remove the water from it, then your home will not be comfortable. It’s the same for any other type of building as well.

Have you ever wandered into a store and suddenly felt like you were in a large refrigerator? That’s because their cooling equipment is so huge that it’s cooling down the air but not removing the moisture from it. The results are a really uncomfortable coolness. The same thing can happen in your home, only on a smaller scale. The amount of discomfort might not be so pronounced, but it’s noticeable anyway.

If you’re using too small air conditioner, then you are really working with the lesser of these 2 evils. When a system is too small it is not as bad as it being too big. The main drawback for these is that they have a hard time keeping up on the really hot days. It might not be so noticeable, because the air inside the house is still cooler than the air outside.

However, if your unit was the right size, it could be better inside. It’s hard to complain when it’s 95 degrees outside, and only 80 inside. But what if it could be 70 inside? That’s the difference having the right size AC can make. An undersized AC will still deliver a good job of dehumidifying, especially on mild rainy days when you need just a little cooling.

You can save money by running your AC then because it takes less power. Smaller ACs are more energy efficient than the larger ACs. Just common sense.

Now that this has been explained to you, I am sure to see how much it really does matter about getting the right size AC for your situation. The ideal size for your home will be the AC that can run constantly, even on the hottest days, and still keep up with the job of cooling and dehumidifying.

When shopping for your unit, be sure to discuss it with the salesperson to work out what size will deliver just the right power you need. With the right size AC you can enjoy years of comfort for years to come.

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