The Pros And Cons of a Ventless Windowless Portable Air Conditioner

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Have you heard of a ventless windowless portable air conditioner? The name is a bit inaccurate. Windowless air conditioners are self-contained and these do not have to sit on windowsills. But they do have to be vented through a hose out a window, door or ceiling.

While most experts assert that windowless AC units are less efficient than other designs, you can gain a number of impressive benefits by investing in one of these products. Here is our most in-depth review of this windowless portable models.

The Benefits of Investing in a Windowless Air Conditioner

Among these is the fact that it is easy to install this unit, it can eliminate smoke odors and it is god for creating comfortable temperatures in hot rooms that are not properly cooled by other AC systems.
Ventless Windowless Portable Air ConditionerFollowing are a few windowless portable air conditioner reviews that discuss the benefits and drawbacks of owning one of these systems.

These units are very easy to install and they are not unattractive either. Given that there is just one tube that must be fed out of the window, these units are quite unobtrusive. Actually, it is hard to see these units from outside of the abode.

A windowless unit is good for people who already have a cooling system and wish to supplement it.

For instance, it might be a good idea to purchase a windowless AC unit for rooms that are not getting sufficient cooling from your central AC. In many instances, rooms that are on an upper floor and receive lots of sunlight will not be cooled efficiently by central air alone.

This problem can be addressed, however, by adding a windowless design to a space like this. The unit will remove warm air from the room. It will also allow for more cool air flow to the remainder of the home.

Windowless options also help to control indoor odors. Given that these are constantly pulling air from outdoors, single hose designs tend to be very good at eliminating unpleasant smells such as cigarette and cigar smoke.

Additionally, this type of AC unit can prevent unpleasant odors from moving around the home. This is due to the fact that the air pressure in rooms that have these units tends to be lower then the air pressure in the remainder of the home. This helps to keep odors contained.

If you only want to keep cigarette smoke contained, a windowless model will be better than using a central system. A central system will circulate the smoke throughout the entire house, while the windowless model will contain it.

An additional benefit of these designs is that they can sometimes be more cost-effective than their alternatives.

Now the drawbacks…

It is generally agreed among experts that windowless AC units tend to take a long time to cool rooms down. Studies show that these units can sometimes take twice as long to cool a space down when compared to options that are window-mounted.

Another drawback of these designs is the fact that they are not always effective in very hot climates. Given that they are constantly drawing in outdoor air in order to replace air within the room, they are less efficient when the temperatures soar.

For instance, if you live in an area that gets 90° weather for long stretches of time, these units are going to work very hard to cool your space down. But, if you happen to own a central system already, then this type of unit will provide extra cooling in certain areas of the home.

The major problem with windowless options is the fact that these tend to cost a lot more to operate than designs that are window-mounted. Due to the fact that the unit pulls in warm air from outdoors, it is not designed to be efficient. This causes it to work harder to create comfortable indoor temperatures. This is obviously going to have a significant impact on the user’s electricity bills.

Another possible downside to windowless ACs is that they only work well in a single room. Due to this fact, these do not have sufficient power for pushing cool air into several rooms.

Consumer Reports has pointed out that this means that the BTU ratings for these units are inaccurate. Although a lot of people expect to find comparable BTU ratings between portable units and window ACs, this is not the case. Rather, windowless options cool down areas that are far smaller for the same BTU.

This kind of unit cannot keep your whole house cool during extreme temperatures. It will also increase your electricity costs quite a bit as well. Conversely, if you are searching for a model that will cool down a single room or want to eliminate smoke odors, this could be the best option.

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