The Right Air Conditioner 4 Ton Price

Air Conditioner 4 Ton Price
There are many people who want to know air conditioner 4 ton price. Some of them want to know the price of a split AC in this range.

The price of a 4 ton AC starts at $700. This price is for a split AC where the buyer is ready to do the installation by self. The price can increase to a few thousand if someone wants ducted air conditioner.Air Conditioner 4 Ton Price

The tonnage size of an air conditioner is used to determine the unit’s cooling capacity. Split air conditioners can be found in sizes ranging from half ton, 3 quarter ton, one ton, one and a half ton and 2 ton.

A unit with lower tonnage costs less but it consumes more power and can prove costly in the long run. The term BTU or British thermal unit is used to measure the cooling capacity of an air conditioner. The air conditioner power depends on the cooling capacity of the unit.

Buyers planning to buy a split air conditioner should be aware of following facts:
1. Size of the air conditioner is an important factor. An air conditioner with a minimum size of 1 ton is needed to cool a 500 square feet area.

2. A split air conditioner requires making a hole in the wall to install it. The hole is generally three inches in diameter. The depth of the hole depends on the unit’s design.

3. Some units require additional tubing to function properly. The tubing size depends on the distance between the outdoor and indoor units.

4. It is more costly to install a split air conditioner while the window air conditioner installation costs less. Installation should be done only by professional air conditioner technicians.

It is always advisable to choose a known brand of split air conditioner. Cheap air conditioners cost less initially but prove expensive in the long-run because of higher electricity consumption. A known brand also comes with better warranty and after sales service.

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