The Top 5 Reasons to Use Electrostatic Air Conditioner Filters

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If you have an air conditioner, you’ve probably heard that it is very important to regularly change the filters.

In fact, during the hot summer months, HVAC experts recommend that you change your filter once every three to four weeks. A clean filter will ensure that your air conditioner is running efficiently. Not only will this keep you cool, but it will also save you money on your electricity bills.

In our opinion, an electrostatic air conditioner filter is your best bet. We recommend one like the Boair Electrostatic Washable Ac Furnace Filter. It is an excellent investment in the well-being of your air conditioner.

Below, we will outline five reasons why you should invest in this type of filter.

1) Size – The best part of electrostatic air conditioner filters is that you can fit them to any size air conditioner or heater unit. In fact, you can buy a filter kit which allows you to trim down filters to the proper size for your machine. This means that you don’t have to pay for custom air conditioner filters or run around town trying to find the correct size.

2) Washable – Another benefit of the electrostatic filters is that they are washable. Yep, you can wash them and use them again and again. With proper maintenance, you can reuse electrostatic filter up to 10 times per year. This is an excellent way to save money.

3) Cost – One of the things that we like best about electrostatic filters is that they are inexpensive. In fact, you can pick up these filters for about $20. While that might sound spendy as compared to paper filters (like the 3M Filtrete Air Conditioner Filter), remember that you can easily wash and reuse electrostatic filters. You can’t do that with other paper filters. In the long run, therefore, electrostatic filters are much better bargain.

4) Reusable – While you can and should wash her electrostatic filters to reuse them, it is important to keep in mind that they must be completely dry before you replace them in your machine. That is the benefit of getting a kit which comes with multiple electrostatic filters. While one is drying you can replace the filter in your unit and then simply swap them when it is time to.

5) Odors – The final benefit of going with electrostatic air conditioner filter is that many of them come with carbon filtration. This means that they will remove any odors (like from cigarette smoke or from pets) from your home. Carbon filtration does an excellent job at removing any nasty smells from your house. This is yet another benefit of using an electrostatic air conditioner filter.

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