The Use of An Air Conditioner Screen

Air Conditioner Screen
Air Conditioner ScreenDebris such as leaves and dust usually collect on an air conditioner screen, so that it does not get into the motor to cause any damage.

To create increased air flow, the screens are large and cover most of the sides of the air conditioning units.

Unfortunately the units are not designed for decoration, but rather for function, and the colors in which they are usually available are khaki, olive green, gray and off-white.

Against the natural green foliage of your landscape, these colors stand out in stark contrast, and result in the focal point along the back of your house looking quite unappealing.

A lattice or slatted wooden fence like the Suncast FS4423 Outdoor Screen Enclosure can be used to try and hide the eyesore resulting from the screen.

An ambiance exuding charm and dignity will be added by the fence, and the unit will be tastefully hidden.

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