Things To Know Before Using Your Portable Air Conditioner Vent Kit

Portable Air Conditioner Vent Kit
In order to keep themselves cool when it really isn’t practical, possible or affordable to buy a traditional AC unit, a lot of people are opting to use portable air conditioners. These are movable and they are not difficult to install.

In fact, these units don’t have to be installed on a permanent basis. You just need to vent them. All of the portable air conditioners that are currently sold come with a portable air conditioner vent kit to make set up easy.

If you picked up a refurbished portable ac, you might not have the vent kit. If so, you can pick up the Haier AC-3940-81K KIT,WINDOW EXHAUST. Check the dimensions to make sure it will work with your portable unit.

Portable ac units are ideal for consumers who want to cool their homes without having to sacrifice window space. These are a lot more convenient than window air conditioner units that have to be placed in the window. Many have casters or wheels at their base so that they can be moved from one room to the next without a lot of hassle.

They can help you save money because you are only cooling a specific amount of space. They can be used as fans when cooling is less critical and some of these units can additionally function as heaters, making them useful all throughout the year.

Portable ACs have configurations that are very simple as well. They have a box-shaped design that holds both hot and cold sides in one. The heat is expelled through an exhaust hose and the water is condensed from the air. The water is then collected in a drain bucket that is internal or expelled through a drain hose. Some portable AC models have evaporative capabilities so that they do not produce or collect a ton of water.

The BTU rating is always the most important factor to check when choosing a new portable unit. BTU is the British Thermal Unit which represents the unit of energy that gets used in steam generation, power and HVAC industries. BTU refers to the cooling and power capacities of a unit. It is a measurement of the amount of heat that an AC unit is capable of removing from the room. With a higher BTU, the air conditioner will be much stronger. BTU ratings run from 5,000 to 30,000 and the area that needs to be cooled will determine the BTU that you require.

The cooling efficiency of your unit can be impacted by having the wrong BTU. If the value is higher than the room size, the unit will likely turn on and off too fast and it will not be able to remove air humidity adequately. When cycling on and off in this matter, energy is going to get wasted, your utility bills are going to rise and the unit will be placed under a lot of strain.

There is also the likelihood of your unit starting to ice, however, a number of models come with their own automatic shut-down switches that activate when the device becomes too cold. If the BTU is too low for the room that you are cooling, it will not be able to cool the space down.

Portable air conditioners are only going to function like they should when they are the proper size for the intended room so bear the following in mind when selecting a model:

– Take measurements of the room dimensions by multiplying the width and length of the room. For every square foot of space you will need approximate 30 BTUs.

– Check out the size of the window opening.

– For each person beyond two add an additional 600 BTUs. Every person in a resting state will add approximately 230 BTUs each hour to the room.

– For cooling kitchens or any other areas that have high temperatures add on another 4,000 BTUs. Additionally, if you happen to live in a hot climate, you will likely require a portable AC that puts out more BTUs each hour.

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