Through The Wall Air Conditioner Heat Pump Systems And Mini Split Systems

Through The Wall Air Conditioner Heat Pump
With the recent spike in the number of Mc Mansions in the United States, much bigger homes did come complete with central air conditioning systems and furnaces that were already built in. With the rush to get a whole lot of homes build in a short time, there was very little to no thought given to alternate options, and these alternate options were heat pumps or mini split type systems.

Through The Wall Air Conditioner Heat PumpBoth of these very energy efficient air unit options will be discussed here. After reading this, you should be able to decide, if you would like to replace or supplement your current AC units with these kind of high efficiency air conditioners. They will definitely make sense for finances in the light of energy bills that are rising up in expense.

What Is A Through The Wall Air Conditioner Heat Pump System?

What this kind of heat pump system is very clear. It is a reversible type of air conditioner. The Frigidaire FRA25ESU2 25,000 BTU Window-Mounted Heavy-Duty Air Conditioner with 16,000 BTU Supplemental Heat (230 volts) is our favorite one.

This air conditioner can cool your home efficiently in the summer. You turn it off in the winter. However, you will need a furnace in the winter, in order to keep your home properly heated. The heat pump in this unit works just like an air conditioner, except it reverses its action in the winter time, and that is to heat the home instead of cooling it off.

Due to the fact that the heat pump does work on the principle of using energy to transfer energy from outside of the house into the home itself. It is something that is very energy efficient, and even more so, than your usual every day regular furnace. It all depends on what the outside temperature of the house is, and also, the type of heating pump that you have. The types of heating pumps can be Geo-thermal or air to air. Depending on the factors mentioned here, your specific heating pump can save as much as 50% to 70% off your energy bill, for the costs of energy for heating in the winter time.

Another advantage of having a heating pump run throughout the entire year is consistency. When you don’t allow the heating pump to rest, and do run it constantly, you are not permitting it to gather dust or any external debris. The only thing you need to is to do monthly maintenance on your heat pump. This can be at any time of the year. Any problems that do happen, will not go undetected for very long, if you keep checking on it routinely.

What Is A Mini Split System?

A mini split system is made from two air units. There is an outside unit, which houses the compressor, and there is an inside unit that holds the air exchanger and the evaporator. What these mini split air systems do is very obvious. They are used cool or heat. The heat option comes in with a mini heating pump. They cool and heat individual rooms in a house. There is one single external compressor that can be connected to four internal air exchangers in four different places or rooms in a home.

Mini air systems do have lots of awesome advantages tied into them. One of these benefits is its energy efficiency over other AC wall units or AC window units. The very same can be said about central AC systems too. The cold air handler or evaporator is separated from the hot compressor. They are only connected via the refrigerant pipe. The energy losses from heat transfer are much smaller in mini air systems when compared with wall, window, or central AC systems.

This is why small split systems are able to be this energy efficient. This is why they can offer such great energy efficient air conditioning. They also do earn many Energy Star air conditioner stickers. If you compare these mini air conditioners up against central air conditioning systems that are ducted or even portable room air conditioners. There will be plenty more duct less heat losses. It is very easy to minimize these heat losses through the very thin refrigerant pipes that belong to a small split type air system.

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