Through the Wall Air Conditioner Installation Cost and Other Considerations

A through the wall air conditioner unit offers a great way to cool down any room in a house that does not have a central air cooling system. Here are four things to consider when seeking out a suitable unit for your home.

1.How Big Will the Hole Be?

Installing a wall-mounted air cooler requires you to cut a hole in the wall, so you want to keep that in mind when you are buying a new unit. When replacing an existing A/C you can avoid having to make the hole larger by measuring the old unit and finding a new one that matches the same dimensions. If you buy a unit that is a different size, you will have to modify the existing hole for proper installation.

2.Capacity for Cooling

A wall unit is not powerful enough keep the whole house cool but it is suitable for cooling one large room. Larger appliances with units on the inside and outside of the home can cool a larger area but will increase the cost of your through the wall air conditioner installation cost.

To determine the A/C’s cooling capacity, look at the BTUs. An air conditioner with a higher BTU output will have a greater cooling capacity. This does not mean you should run out and purchase a unit with the highest BTUs. Installing a unit that is oversized will end up wasting energy and costing more for operation.

3.Add Weather Stripping

Installing weather stripping to seal any spaces between the wall and the unit will allow it to run more efficiently because it will keep the cool air inside and the hot air outside.

4. Cold Weather Preparation

Experts recommend against removing the A/C during the winter. Weather stripping will prevent the room from becoming cold when the temperature outside drops. Airflow can occur through a unit’s vents, so it is important to find out how to add weather stripping in this area to keep that from happening.

The condenser is located on the back of the air conditioning unit and protrudes through the exterior wall to the outside. You should research ways to protect it from rain, snow and ice in the winter. Depending on your location, you may be able to use a vinyl or canvas cover. The cover will offer protection from the elements and ensure the A/C is in good working condition when you need it again.

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