Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner Versus Window Unit

Stuck debating between a through-the-wall air conditioner versus window unit? This article can help!

A through the wall or window air conditioner can regulate the temperature in your home quite nicely. A window air conditioner can do the same thing.

A major plus for the wall unit is that it is designed to fit perfectly into the wall. Therefore it won’t block your view.

Our favorite window ac is the Frigidaire. Check out our review here. The top-rated through the wall unit tested by our team is the Friedrich. You can see that review here.

However, if there is a feature that may not sit well with most owners is their ability to be noisy when they are not functioning properly. If you have young children in the house who need to do their homework, get some sleep or neighbors who do not appreciate unnecessary noise, this could really be a nuisance.

The source for this noise could be the component that is attached to both the fan and the processor, or it could be:

  • Rusty fan blades
  • Worn out bearings
  • Worn out rubber mountings
  • Worn out compressor

One of the best ways to avoid such malfunctions it to regularly perform maintenance on the unit, but there are other ways as well.

The first thing you should is to check whether the window unit is vibrating or making any rattling sounds. Any of these signs are indicators that there is something wrong with your unit and one reason could be that it is not properly installed, or that one of the panels has loosened up.

However, once you notice these sounds coming from your window air conditioner, it would be best to call a professional to carry out the repair to minimize any chances of more damage.

What you can also do is to try to tighten the screws that are attaching the panels to the unit to avoid the noise. Broken or cracked windows can also cause these noises or shift out of place. You can take out the unit from the window and check to see if any of the blades are bent of have any defects.

This is in case you think the noise is not caused by a window defect, but rather coming from within the unit itself. You need to make sure the fan blades are in perfect condition and try to restore them to their original condition if there are any dents.

It does not really take knowledge of rocket science to fix your window air conditioner if starts making those annoying noises. All you need to do is know what to look for and try to fix it.

Having a keen eye will help you notice anything out of the ordinary which is most likely the reason for the malfunction. Nonetheless, do not hesitate to seek professional help if you cannot seem to find out what is causing the noise.

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