Through the Wall Air Conditioner vs Central Air

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One of the best ways to keep cool during hot weather is with air conditioning. A/C systems can make homes in the hottest climates more comfortable and enjoyable.

But the efficiency of operation will depend on how suitable each option is for the space to be cooled. The tips below will help you compare the features of a through the wall air conditioner vs central air systems.

When considering which a/c unit to purchase, check out the details of the space it will be used in. If a window of sufficient size is available, a window AC unit can be fitted. If the window is either too small or inadequate in some way, a split model that is mounted on the wall may be the best option.

A portable a/c option is best for situations where the unit may be used in different rooms at different times. However, it must still have a place for the exhaust to be vented outside, like a window or a wall vent. It is a suitable choice, for a room with a small window.

If you live in a region where the temperature goes from one extreme to the other, you may want to consider an air conditioning and heating model, so it can also be used in the Winter.

The unit should be easy to user. It may come with an easy to read LCD display, a remote, and easy to clean filters. Portable models should include a water tank or tube for draining the water outside. Fans with multiple speeds are more desirable and set the various models apart from the average products.

Any AC unit should operate as efficiently as possible. This means fitting the right sized unit to the space. A larger unit in a smaller room is not going to operate more efficiently, as some people mistakenly believe.

On the other hand, a small unit in a larger space is not going to provide optimal cooling and may take too long for inhabitants of the room to be comfortable. A good rule of thumb is 20 BTUs for each 100 square feet of living space.

If several rooms must be cooled at once, it may be less costly in the long run, to consider a central AC system. while the initial cost may be prohibitive to some, it will cool a house more efficiently than several window air conditioner or portable ac units.

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