Through Wall Air Conditioner Drainage Tips

Air conditioners that are mounted through the wall are very popular in both apartments and residential properties and they usually require professional repairs from qualified technicians.

Window air conditioner designs function on the same principles as larger machines by removing hot air from the space and adding cool air in order to establish comfortable indoor temperatures during hot weather seasons.

The primary differences are size and parts and these components tend to be smaller than those for larger machines and they are typically plugged in rather than being connected to the main power source such as at the electrical panel with its own breaker box.

There are a number of tips to remember when getting a window model out and set up for the summertime. Foremost among these is the need to check your unit out and to perform vent cleaning and other forms of maintenance before testing it for use.

Make sure to disconnect the power supply before performing any work on this equipment. An AC unit that is functioning properly will be clean and in good condition with no insects or other debris in the interior.

There are a few things to check for heating repair as well, starting with the motor and fan to make sure that these are functional. If they should be lubricated or tightened, this is the time to do it. Make sure that the thermostat is also functioning properly.

After you have determined that all of these components are in good working order, sit the unit in the window, making sure to connect the through wall air conditioner drainage and keep the seal against the window tight.

There shouldn’t be any cracks or gaps in this seal as it is going to defeat the purpose of the entire setup. If the AC does not work like it should and you have checked all of these factors, contact a trusted repair company to have the refrigerant checked. If this must be replaced, these professionals are qualified to do.

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