Tips for Buying a Haier 5000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

People who reside in fairly small accommodations such as a studio apartment or a college dorm would be best served by a window air conditioner as a cooling mechanism during summer. One of our favorites is the Haier 5000 BTU window air conditioner. We’ll describe the attributes of the Haier in this article

These window air conditioner units are much cheaper than centralized systems. One only needs about $200 or less to purchase a decent unit of the shelf.

Window air conditioner units work exactly as their name implies. They are inserted through a hole in the window of the appropriate size. It is usually installed on a semi-permanent basis which means that it stays put for long periods but can be disassembled if necessary, such as if the owner is moving to another place.

These units need minimal configuration. After they have been installed, they will work immediately to cool the room. Note that these are meant to service one particular area. If there is a need to cool different parts of the house throughout the day, then a portable unit will be more apt as it will have wheels for transport.

If there are multiple rooms in the house, homeowners may equip each with its own window unit. Having 2-3 such separate units will still be more economical compared to using a centralized system.

Now that you have made up your mind about the kind of air conditioner to buy, you can proceed to figuring out the specifics. Measure the dimensions of each room as the floor area will determine the cooling capacity required of the AC. For instance, a 350-square foot studio apartment will need an 8,000 BTU model.

Aside from the cooling capacity, take note of the features that can be found in each model.

It would be handy to be able to direct air flow in the direction you want. To do this, you have to find a unit that has moveable louvers. Scheduling the daily operations of the system is another useful feature so try to get one that has programmable timers. Energy efficiency is a big deal with the rising cost of energy so look for models that have a variety of settings for this.

Certain models pull double or even triple duty. Think about your needs and see if you would be better off with an all-in-one machine for cooling, heating and dehumidifying. Check whether the units presented have advanced air filters that promote good health.

Among the most important aspects of modern cooling appliances is their A A SEER. Be sure to check this figure on all candidates as it indicates how efficient a model is in converting electricity to thermal energy.

The government, through the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, has made it a standard practice to rate air conditioners based on a set of criteria. Those which pass stringent tests and show impressive energy-saving features are rewarded with a high Energy Star rating.

If you wish to purchase a good quality unit, then try to look at the most popular brands in the industry including LG, General Electric, Friedrich, and so on. These brands are present in nearly all of the big store chains and online shops.

Their prices will vary depending on their feature set, most notably their BTU capacity. It’s possible to find a small one for $180 while the bigger ones go for $500 and higher.

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