Tips for Buying a New Portable Air Conditioner

Buying an air conditioner can be a tedious and challenging task. However, if you have your requirements figured out, then the process can be simplified to just checking for a few items. Here are tips for buying a new portable ac unit.

Venting Needs
Before finally settling on the portable AC of choice, it is necessary to know the number of vents that it requires. If you happen to choose an AC that uses two vents, each for inlet and outlet, yet its intended installation space does not have a window then there could be a stack of papersproblem. In case you are buying online, pay close attention to its venting needs to make sure that the room where it will be installed can meet them.

A free standing air conditioner offers a lot of portability. This is because of the four caster wheels on which it rests. However, there are cases where these wheels may not be available.

Therefore, it is essential that you check out its images before purchase. You could also read through the manufacturer’s manual to be sure that you have an air conditioner that you will be able to move around as you please.

Even though most of them come with noise cancellation technology, not all of them can do this. Reading the product’s description is essential in finding out the noise levels of the air conditioner of your choice. If nothing is mentioned about noise levels, you can also check out various reviews from previous users or critics. Here, you are likely to find all the information you needed about noise since the mode of operation of the AC will be discussed.

Typically, floor standing air conditioners are not embedded anywhere. This means that they should operate in silence. However, In case they are not, the noise could be as a result of the design or the way the unit was made. Reading customer reviews can help in avoiding such models.

Cooling Power
Its cooling power hugely dictates effectiveness of an air conditioner. It is also greatly tied down to the size of the room where it will service. Ideally, this cooling power is supposed to be about 35 times the square footage of the room.

When you consider a portable one, then there is a rather big challenge with these numbers. First, most portable ACs do not have their BTU values published. This is because all they do is move warm air from one area of the room to another while replacing it with cold air.

On the other hand, a single hose one may have the numbers but they are rarely useful because of continuous mixing of both warm and cold air. However, dual hose floor standing model’s cooling effect can be measured by its BTU calculations.

This makes it possible to calculate the cooling effect of the room and get an AC that can match the calculations, thus satisfying your cooling needs.

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