Tips for Buying a Portable AC for Camping

A portable ac for camping is a special type of air conditioner, as the name indicates. It is portable, easy to use and inexpensive. Since it is portable, it can be used anytime and anywhere, when you need to get some fresh cool air, such as RV camps, as a tent air conditioner, on a boat or even in a vehicle. This air conditioner gives some relief when it is hot, by providing fresh cool air.

They are relatively inexpensive and installation is simple. It is also easy to transport from one place to another. There is no need to plug into an electric socket, as they run on battery power, unlike regular air conditioning units. This is why it is an ideal portable ac for camping and tents. Their prices vary from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the size, features and capacity.

There are several types that are available in the market, with Kooleraire 12 Volt Portable Air Conditioner being one of the most popular brands. This portable air conditioner is one of the more economical tent air conditioners, because it runs on ice along with a 12-volt power pack.

Regular air conditioners do not require ice or water, but for this type of air conditioner, you will be required to  fill the 25 quart cooler with ice, and then place the main unit on the top. The 12v car adapter will then have to be plugged in, to allow you to enjoy refreshing, cool air for hours. A fan is used to draw in the hot air and then circulate air that is ice-cold.

Compared to other regular room ACs, these units are used in small areas, such as tents and mobile units. These tents therefore offer an ideal solution, when you are unable to locate a cool shady place for your tent while camping.

Additionally, they are small in size, portable and have no messy hoses, require no water supply or additional gear, and are not bulky. It can therefore be used in any location and under “any” circumstances.

Behind the development of tent air conditioners, is the main philosophy which is very simple, where operating requires as little power as possible and the finest available materials are used, making it portable, affordable, efficient and very compact. They are great for use in autos, boats, RVs, aircraft, or actually in any small, enclosed space!

Folks, the best deals can be found at the end of the camping season, such as late fall or winter, because this is when several companies do model clearances, to make room for new portable ac units, that will arrive in the spring.

As an informed customer, you should be concerned about warranty, maintenance and other service issues. Luckily for you, there is not much need to be concerned when using these units, as they are handy, almost trouble free and very simple to use and operate. Additionally,  buyers should consider the available accessories, that go along with the unit, and are usually sold separately.

Filters as well as heat strips can be purchased along with a tent or RV air conditioner. A limited warranty is always given with the sale of each unit for a specified time period, but for a few extra dollars, you can opt to purchase additional warranty. This option may be of value economically, so you should consider it at the time of purchase.

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