Tips for Buying a Portable Air Conditioner Heater Combo

portable air conditioner vs evaporative cooler
Portable air conditioning systems are very useful for cooling homes and offices. With the different functional uses, having these around offer great convenience. Plus, with very little investment, homes and businesses are given an effective solution for cooling and dehumidifying any type of space.

portable air conditioner heater comboDuring cold winter months, having a portable cooling unit is a more cost-effective solution for keeping single rooms warm. It is also moveable and can be transferred from one room to another, as necessary.

Our favorite portable air conditioner heater combo is the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner with Heater (ARC-14SH).

Having an air conditioner like this in a classroom is also ideal. During the summer season, when most classrooms are not being used, a transportable system will minimize electrical expenses by only cooling the classrooms that are occupied. By contrast, in the winter it will keep you warm.

In addition to cooling, these moveable air conditioning units also have an option for dehumidifying. This feature makes the system suitable for use in electrical equipment rooms and computer labs. Rather than using a centralized unit 24 hours a day, a portable system can be switched on when there is nobody else in the building. This is an affordable solution for keeping computers, as well as other electrical equipment cool without wasting energy to cool the rest of the rooms in the building.

Centralized and wall cooling units are more costly and difficult to install. In most cases, a lot of people prefer the peaceful characteristic offered by a portable air condition system in comparison to a window type one. Minimal noise with comfortable temperatures offers a conducive environment for work and any other space..

Keeping warehouses cool can be quite a challenge. These have enormous open spaces and minimal insulation making air conditioning expenses too costly. Small air conditioning units can be used for cooling offices and work areas inside the warehouse. This will contribute to lessening the cost of operating a bigger industrial system.

Most of these portable ac units also have heater settings for the winter months. A portable air conditioner heater combo can dehumidify, heat, and cool, making it handy all year round. With a small investment like this, plenty can be saved in the long-term, which will be helpful to any business looking to succeed in the current economy.

The venting system of a portable air conditioner is the most important feature to consider when operating this unit. The device discharges heat that it eliminates from the air. Systems that do not have this function will not be able to keep a room cool. All cooling units include instructions, and it is essential to follow them to make the most out of any type of model.

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