Tips for Finding the Best Small Through the Wall Air Conditioner Units

wall mounted air conditioner units
Small through the wall air conditioner units have been around for quite a while and still prove popular when it comes to staying cool. Despite their small size, they can blow away their larger wall unit counterparts in several ways.

Our favorite through the wall model is the Soleus Air Through-the-Wall air conditioner Model SG-TTW-10ESE. We like it for many reasons outlined below.


Large units look clunky because they jut out of the wall and the front of the unit is not flush with the wall. If you live in a small space, this overwhelms the space. It also distracts from the beauty of the building on the outside.

Also, a larger air conditioner sometimes creates gaping holes after being installed in the wall, holes that must be steadied with unsightly objects like cardboard or towels. Besides being a drag to look at, this lowers the interest of potential buyers and renters, therefore affecting the overall economic boom and feel of the neighborhood.

A small unit on the wall doesn’t jut out. A small unit is hardly noticeable and if one does happen to notice it, the unit doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, it looks sleek. It also doesn’t create gaping holes, so there’s no need for unsightly stuffing to maintain balance and lock in air.

And finally, it won’t impede your view because it’s on the wall.


A small unit is easier to install because it’s easier to lift and carry. It’s also easier to mount. All of this is good news for people who suffer a lot of aches and pain or who are not particularly strong. This means that if you are the handy sort, you can do the job yourself with no help and it’s not a dangerous job.

There’s no fall threat like there is with a big unit in the window, either. This is a huge relief, especially if you live in a crowded area full of pedestrians or kids playing.


A through the wall air conditioner is not going to allow air to escape outside like larger units can, which saves you mega money in terms of cooling costs. If you’re not wasting air, you’re not wasting money.

Of course, you may opt to pay an installation fee if you aren’t a do-it-yourself type, but even in the long run, the money you save on an efficient, smaller unit will be well worth the installation cost.

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