Tips for Hiding Air Conditioner Units

The vertical terminal air conditioner(VTAC) is new to the HVAC range. The VTAC is tower-shaped; hence it affords more floor space and doesn’t block valuable window space like a window air conditioner.

How does it do this?

hiding air conditioner unitsThe unit can be installed in a closet and vented through an outside wall. These “hiding air conditioner units” are popular because the slim-line casing doesn’t block out much-needed light. Users decrease noise levels and maximize floor space. In essence, you get a constant flow of cool air from a unit that is hidden away.

The VTACs tend to be smaller than the PTACs, in general an average size unit measures twenty-four inches square. The VTACs are built with different power-levels that include 9,000, 12,000, 18,000 and 24,000 BTU and they utilize a 220 volt line.

The air discharge is controlled by installing a wall-mounted thermostat in one room or multiple rooms. Heat can be provided via a heat pump unit or electrical resistance heat.

As mentioned earlier, this unit is installed in a closet, so a plenum must be used to contain and part the outdoor air path and to catch water to prevent it from seeping into the brickwork. When installing one of these units the plenum will be the first component to be installed. The plenum sits in the middle of a platform that is affixed to the floor.

A sleeve is fitted to the platform before installing the air conditioner. The cooled air has to be transported from the unit into the room; hence the closet must be fitted with a louvre door, a return air grille or a wall-mounted access panel. The sides of the air con unit remain exposed but these are covered with an exterior grille.

The General Electric AZ75E129DAC GE Zoneline vertical air conditioning unit offers 17,200 BTUs for cooling and 15,500 BTUs if used as a heat pump. The unit offers a Quick Heat Recovery system, this means that the heat pump comprises of a one-stage cooling thermostat and a two-stage heat thermostat that utilizes resistant heat to get the room temperature at approximately around two degrees of the stat set point prior to heat pump operation. This ensures that the room temperature rises quickly, letting warm air through the walls as soon as the heat pump functions.

Vertical terminal air conditioners are versatile. The units are ideal for use in motels, hotels, offices, assisted living, home conversions, residential add-ons, external classrooms and single-family dwellings.

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