Tips for Installing Window Air Conditioners for Crank Out Windows

Air Conditioners for Crank Out Windows
Setting up an air conditioner is challenging for some people, but it is worth learning how to do to create a comfortable living environment for the home’s occupants. Window units are simple to install and relocating them to another room as needed is easy to do. All AC units come with detailed instructions and illustrations to guide buyers through the installation process.

Air Conditioners for Crank Out WindowsThe directions should be easy to follow but some do not include tricks and tips for making the project quicker and easier. You should install your unit during daylight hours. This makes it easier to see while you work and fewer bugs are likely to enter the room while you have the window open. Assemble all the tools and parts that you need before you get started. The first step is to remove the screen.

These instructions are for units that fit into windows that open vertically. These will not work for air conditioners for crank out windows.

If you have crank out windows, you need to buy a window air conditioner specifically for crank or casement windows. Our favorite is the Frigidaire FRA123KT1 12,000 BTU Casement/Slider Room Air Conditioner.

Slide the window completely open to allow room for you to work comfortably. It will be helpful to have an assistant to close the top sash at the appropriate time.

The unit must be facing in the right direction. The front of the cooler features the electrical cord to plug into an outlet as well as the control dials and must be facing the room’s interior. The back of the unit extends outside and has a vent where water comes out. Place the cooler on top of the windowsill facing in the proper direction. Small ridges around the outside edges of the unit must line up with the sides of the window.

After the unit is in place, open the side panels by sliding them out. These panels take up any extra space between the cooler and window frame to provide a snug fit. Adjust the panels far enough to eliminate any empty space. Lower the top sash carefully until it reaches the top edge of the air conditioner.

The fit must be tight to prevent the unit from falling out. Loosen your grip slowly. If the unit moves at all, the sash is not down far enough. Once the cooler is securely in place, apply foam to any cracks. Sometimes it helps to use paper towel strips to achieve a tight fit. This prevents bugs from entering the room. Plug the unit into the nearest electrical outlet and turn it on.

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