Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Tip-Top Shape

casement window air conditioner
By regularly checking your air conditioning system for performance issues, you will be able to not only keep it running better, but save yourself money in costly repairs down the road. This type of maintenance will also help to increase the life of the unit. The question though, is, how does one go about this type of maintenance?

Steps in Performing Maintenance Check on Your Air Conditioning Unit

1. Checking the Filter and Indoor Coil

casement window air conditionerThe filters must be removed from the unit in order to properly check them. Once they have been removed, they can be cleaned by using a simple antiseptic solution that you probably already have in your house. Make sure that there are no debris remaining on the filter and that they have been thoroughly rinsed. The next step is to locate the indoor coil. In a unit that is ductless, this is quite easy to locate. It should be clean of all dirt, hair and other debris. For ease in cleaning, your vacuum brush attachment can be used.

2. Checking and Cleaning the Outdoor Unit

Obstructions to the outdoor unit need to be removed in order for it to work properly. Leaves, weeds and other obstructions will harm the unit’s performance. Cleaning the outlet to ensure a good flow of air is important, as you will read below.

3. Make Sure There Is Good Air Flow

The airflow coming from the unit will let you know if the coil is blocked. Lack of a good flow of air can also indicate a fan motor that is struggling to perform correctly. If you find that there is a lack of airflow, it is time to call in a professional to help you out. Someone who is experienced in handling this type of problem will likely be able to repair the until before it is in serious trouble.

4. Seek Out Corrosion and Rust

If you notice any corrosion or rust on your air conditioning unit, you need to stop it immediately. You should be able to rid your unit of rust simply by using a waterproof paint on the area. If, however, this does not work, calling in a professional is a must.

5. Assess the Heating and Cooling Abilities of Your Unit

To check your system for both the heating and cooling abilities, you must switch from one to the other. If the unit does not easily switch back and forth, you should call an air conditioning repairman. The switching between heating and cooling is done with a reversing valve and the lack of easily switching can mean that the valve is bad.

Some Final Thoughts

More often than not, the problems homeowners face when dealing with a faulty air conditioner is simply caused by not performing the proper maintenance care on the unit. Properly maintaining the air conditioning unit will allow it to work for many years. Keeping any air conditioning unit free of dirt, debris and other obstructions will allow it to have a greater level of functioning ability.

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