Tips for Maintaining Your Kenmore Air Conditioner

In the end, keeping up on the maintenance checks for a Kenmore air conditioner helps to save the owner Mobile air conditionermoney and ensures the system continues to operate at the optimal level.  While AC maintenance helps to ensure maximum life of the system, many are unaware of the steps for proper maintenance.

Help for Owners in Checking Air Conditioners for Maintenance Needs

1. Check the Filter and the Indoor Coil

Filters will need to be removed from the unit in order to check them.  Once they are removed, reusable filters can be cleaned.  To clean, wipe both sides using any gentle antibacterial cleaning solution you would normally use in the home.  Be sure the filter has been carefully rinsed once it has been cleaned and that no debris have been left on the filter.  Next check the cooling coil.  In a ductless system the coil is easily located.  Be sure it is cleaned of any debris, such as pet hair or dust.  Use the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt as needed.

2. Check the Outdoor Unit and Clean as Needed

The outdoor unit should be free of any obstructions that might slow the airflow.  Obstructions can include many things, including weeds, leaves and other debris.  Clearing these materials allows the unit to function better.  In addition, be sure the air flow from the outlet is not obstructed by debris that may have caught in its cover screen.

3.  Check Unit to Ensure Air Flow

Take some time to check for proper air flow.  If air is not flowing through the unit, it cannot cool properly and may have a blocked coil.  If the coil is clean and there is still not enough air moving through it, the fan motor on your Kenmore air conditioner may be failing.  Anytime the unit does not provide proper airflow, you should call for the help of the pros.  This is a problem that is better handled by the pros.

4.  Check for Corrosion or Rust

Corrosion or rust must be stopped as soon as it is discovered anywhere on the cooling system.  With minor rust problems, simply paint using a waterproof paint designed for use on the particular surface.  Spray paint may be a good option if other areas are masked.  If a major rust problem is discovered, call for professional help.

5.  Check the Unit’s Heating and Cooling Abilities

Heat pumps should be checked in both their heating and cooling modes.  If the system does not readily switch from one to the other, it probably requires professional repair.  This problem is generally due to a faulty reversing valve and requires the service that can only be provided by a qualified pro.


Most of the difficulties experienced with a Kenmore air conditioner are caused by a lack of regular maintenance and could have been prevented.  With a little effort to care for the system, owners ensure it will provide many years of service.  Any cooling system works better and uses less energy if kept clean and is free of dust, dirt and other obstructions.

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