Tips for Performing Air Conditioner Maintenance Checks

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Conducting routine maintenance checks on your central air conditioner helps you save lots of money in the long run, while keeping your unit operating at its optimal level.  A/C maintenance helps ensure that your machine will last as long as possible.

But just how ought a person go about conducting proper maintenance?

1.  Check Indoor Coil and Filters

You must first remove the filters from inside the unit in order to check air conditioner filterthem properly.  After doing so, you may clean them.  Simply clean the sides of the filter(s) with a mild antiseptic preparation, just as you commonly use in other areas of your home.

Be sure to rinse the filters thoroughly when you have finished cleaning them.  Be careful to avoid leaving any debris behind on the filters.  Next, you should direct your attention to the indoor coil.  You can find this coil easily if your unit is ductless.

Be certain that it is not dirty or covered with any kind of debris such as hair.  If the coil needs to be cleaned, just use your vacuum cleaner brush attachment.

2.  Check and Clean the Outdoor UnitiStock_000015623201_Small

It is very important to remove any blockages when you check the outdoor unit.  Such obstructions might be weeds, leaves, etc.  You unit will undoubtedly perform much better once such debris is cleared away.  You should also clean the outlet and ensure that air flow is adequate, which brings us to the next tip.

3.  Verify Proper Air Flow

Make sure that the correct amount of airflow is present, as insufficient airflow strongly suggests a blockage in the coil.  It might also be a sign of a failing fan motor.  Whenever your unit does not deliver good airflow, you should consult a professional.  Allowing a professional to handle the problem is far better than being stuck with a unit that needs a major repair.

4.  Look for Corrosion and Rust

Rust and corrosion must be stopped immediately upon your noticing either of these conditions anywhere in your A/C system.  If the rust is minor, you might simply cover it up with a suitable waterproof paint designed for application on that type of surface.  If it is a major problem, consult a professional.

5.  Check Heating and Cooling Capabilities

You should set your system to both the cooling and heating functions when checking it.  Most likely, you will need A/C repair if your machine does not switch between the two modes easily.  This issue typically develops when the reversing valve is defective.  A competent professional must handle this repair.


The majority of the problems that people encounter with their A/C systems develop merely due to the lack of routine maintenance and being tended to.

If you invest the time and effort required to take proper care of your system, it will repay you by providing years of optimal service.  Any air conditioner will have better operation and proper functioning if it is kept in a clean condition without the presence of dirt, grime, or obstructions.

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