Tips to Explain When to Change Air Conditioner Filter

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Maintaining a machine is oftentimes more cost-effective than simply waiting for it to break down and then repairing it.

Maintenance prolongs a machine’s usable lifespan, allowing you to fully get your money’s worth from the unit you worked hard to buy.

A/C maintenance used to be voodoo to ordinary individuals, often requiring specialized HVAC technicians to discern problems and take preventive measures.

Simplified air conditioner operations as well as the huge amount of information available on AC maintenance has empowered owners and allowed them to better take care of their machines.

One of the most important things owners should know is when to change air conditioner filters. These filters keep dust and other particles out of the machine and ensures that the unit only produces safe and quality air.

Clogged air filters can result in overheating and other problems. An air conditioner’s energy efficiency is also drastically impacted if its filter needs replacing.

During summer, when dust and pollen as well as the heat makes filters clog up easily, it is best to check them once per month.

Another important thing to regularly check is the status of the AC unit’s supply registers. Air contains numerous organic and inorganic particles that may eventually clog up these registers.

This could lead to bacterial and fungal growth that can prove harmful to individuals in a household.

Taking care of other parts of the machine like the condenser coil, the condenser fan motor and other parts allows you to prolong the use of your unit. Over the counter products are available that are specially made for cleaning these parts.

As a general rule, air outside or the supply air must be around 20 degrees warmer than the air conditioned air. If it isn’t, then its probably best to call an HVAC technician.

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