Understanding How an Air Conditioner Works

It is important to know how the air conditioner works so that you will be able to report any problem and make maximum use of it during the summer days. Even though it looks a bit complex, you can have a better understanding of its mechanism by dividing the system into three parts. These three components works like a simple home refrigerator.refrigerator

The air conditioning system is made up of the compressor, condenser and evaporator. The compressor and condenser are usually fixed outside the house while the evaporator and furnace are seen in the house. There are pipes and chemicals in the system which help replace hot air from the house with cool air.

Only chemicals that can easily condense are used because they help to hasten the process of taking away hot air and replacing it with the cool one from outside. The fluid in use goes to the compressor in its low pressure state. The compressor increases the pressure of the fluid to make it hot. Finally, the hot air leaves the compressor and finds its way to the condenser.

The condenser resembles the car radiator. It has metal fins which blow to reduce the heat of the hot air that comes from the compressor. When a considerable amount of heat is lost, the gas turns to a cold liquid. The condenser and the evaporator are linked together with a small opening.

The small opening between the condenser and evaporator is very important. As the air leaves the condenser through this small space, the pressure reduces further. This prepares the liquid to change to the gaseous state. As it evaporates to the gaseous state, heat is evolved and the gas is taken to the metal fins, which blows it to further reduce its temperature. The chemical in the mixture is taken back to the compressor for the process to begin again.

A fan is connected to the evaporator to circulate air in the room and around the evaporator fins. Warm air rises while the cool one settles. The warm air passes through an opening into the ducts that connect to the evaporator. The gas in the evaporator is cooled by the incoming warm air and the resulting hot gas is taken out of the house. The cooled air is collected through another duct and circulated in the room.

The process repeats itself until the room reaches the required temperature. Understanding how your air conditioner works will help you identify any abnormal sound and report it quickly to the technician.

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