Use These Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews To Choose A Unit For Your Home Or Office

Before investing in a portable AC unit, you should take some time to consider a few air conditioner reviews. These will help you to determine which model and brand you should choose and whether this is going to be worth the money you spend.

This article shares the best portable air conditioner reviews. You can trust that these reviews are genuine and not swayed in any way by marketing hype.

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1. If you have a smaller than average budget, then the AP12001S – EdgeStar 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Air Cleaner – Silver is worth considering. It is priced at under $400 and can cool spaces that are between 300 and 400 sq ft. This unit has a dehumidifier, a remote control, a timer and a digital thermostat. Negative reviews cite excess noise as the main disadvantage of using this product.

2. Noise is one of the major issues that people face when dealing with portable AC models. The Royal Sovereign ARP 1000ES has been tagged by shoppers as being a very quiet portable design. Apart from offering noiseless operation, it also provides cool air effectively and is very durable as well. One customer states that he has had the same unit for four years. It is perfect for cooling rooms that are approximately 200 sq ft in size. It has remote control functionality and a dehumidifier. It also comes with an exhaust pipe.

The price of this unit is its drawback. It costs $500 and this means that it is more costly than most other window units but it is still more efficient in cooling spaces down. It is also very heavy and this makes it hard to move from room to room.

3. The Edgestar Koldfront PAC8000S is perfect for small-sized spaces such as rooms of approximately 150 sq ft. Costing under $00, it is one of the least costly units that is currently available. This model includes a digital thermostat, dehumidifier and remote control functionality. Consumers have positively reviewed this model. They say that it is very effective. Negative reviews of this model say that its primary disadvantage is noise.

These are just a few reviews of portable air conditioning units. Remember that portable models can be very noisy and they will not cool rooms as effectively as window units. Window air conditioner units are also quite a bit less costly than portable designs. If you have a window or wall space available, it is better to choose a window AC instead.

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