Used Commercial Air Conditioners for Sale

HVAC is a term commonly used to refer to commercial heating and air conditioning system. The term HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

The systems are used to maintain a relaxing temperature and air quality in large building and homes, with a main aim of making the environment around you safe. In designing them, laws of heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics are used.

Here are some tips that will help you find the best available used commercial air conditioners for sale:

The HVAC systems are intended to improve air quality, maintain pressure and provide ventilation. The surrounding conditions and air requirements must be specified when designing an HVAC system. Air distribution methods are employed in HVAC system for delivery of air.

A HVAC system can be powered by several components. Central heating, which consists of a furnace, boiler and a heat pump, can be placed in cold places. Preferably, the best places will be those where air control is maintained at a central area like a furnace or a mechanical room.

Pipes and ducts serve as a passage for heated water found in basements. Water is used as a heat transferring medium and transferred to rooms through radiators, which may be wall mounted or fixed under the floor.

Equal supply of heat is ensured by the pump that circulates water to all locations. This heating process may also be achieved through resistive heating which involves heating conductive filaments through an electric current being passed through them. When the weather is warm, the same ducts and pipes are used for cooling.

Heat pumps, though more efficient, are expensive and hence some considerations should be kept in mind. Their use should be limited in moderate climates only. Windows are the best places to place the radiators. If the system does not work correctly, harmful gases will form. Hence, proper ventilation is required.

Ventilation is classified as mechanical or natural and forced. In the first instance, its quality is controlled by the use of an air handler through the dilution of stale internal air and substituting it with fresh air from outside. The latter one is not energy efficient in humid areas.

In humid areas, exhausts and direct drive fans are used to control air quality and humidity as well. Ceiling fans can also be used. Natural ventilation does not require the use of any mechanical equipment.

Air Conditioners
Air conditioners remove heat using radiation, convection and heat pumps or the refrigeration cycle. Some air conditioner designs employ a reverse valve to switch from heating and cooling.

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