Useful Tips for Hiring an HVAC Specialist

Through the Wall Air Conditioner Installation Guide
Modern heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems are sophisticated, hence many homeowners have to call an engineer if their system breaks down. Here is a list of useful tips for hiring HVAC specialist:

. Learn more about the type of heating and cooling system installed in your home

Before calling the local HVAC engineer ensure you know the make and model installed. Tell the heating engineer about any previous maintenance work carried out by other companies.

. Choose an Experienced HVAC Company

Locate a reliable and trustworthy HVAC repair company. Reputable air conditioning repair services ensure their technicians turn-up as scheduled and an expert HVAC repair services will diagnose and solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

. Search for a Well-Established HVAC Repair Firm

Chat to friends and see if they can recommend an affordable HVAC company. People will always tell you if they use a reputable company who are worth hiring. It is better to hire an engineer who works for a well-known business because they will be familiar with all types of HVAC system. Contact a heating and air firm that have only been trading for weeks and you take a risk.

. Hire an Affordable HVAC Repair Firm

Every contractor will set their own fees. Contact several contractors for quotes before hiring.

. Install the Right Size HVAC Unit

Ensure you buy and install suitable heating and cooling equipment. Install the right sized HVAC system to improve comfort and reduce cost. Use an online BTU calculator to help you work out the size of heating and cooling system needed.

. Keep the Condenser Fan in Good Working Order

Clean the fan blades regularly to save money on repairs. Both the coils and the fan blades should be cleaned before the summer months, but remember, the power must be turned off before the cleaning takes place. You can also save money on HVAC repair bills by removing debris and leaves from around the outdoor unit.

. Keep the Ground Surrounding the Outdoor Unit Clean

HVAC repair men charge a lot of money for their services and wise homeowners save money by doing routine maintenance tasks themselves. As mentioned above, the outdoor HVAC unit should be kept clean, but it is worth noting that falling leaves can also cause a system breakdown. Cleaning the fan grill can prevent falling leaves from entering the heating and cooling system.
Ensure the condenser fan is oiled regularly. The oil ports are covered with a rubber or metal cap, but they are easy to remove. Put up to ten drops of SAE 20 oil into each port, but never overfill them.

. Frozen HVAC Systems

Air conditioners do ice up and you may have to hire an air conditioning repair specialist to rectify the problem. It is worth disabling the compressor and switching the fan mode to determine whether the system is iced-up or leaking, however, a professional heating engineer will soon have the system up and running.

. Replace the Air Filter before Calling the Repair Services

Most of us are capable of completing basic HVAC maintenance tasks. Replacing the air filter regularly helps to keep keep the unit in good working order. Air filters are not expensive to buy and it is easy to replace dirty filters.

At the beginning of this article you will find tips for hiring HVAC specialist and we hope you find this information useful. A well maintained HVAC unit should run well, but homeowners should call a contractor to service the system twice yearly. The HVAC system should be checked in the spring and the fall so you are prepared for the hot and cold weather.

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