Your Guide to Ventless Portable Air Conditioner Units

One of the most inexpensive, flexible and effective ways to cool an office or home during sticky humid nights and hot days is using a portable air conditioning machine. A reliable AC unit can be compared to a loyal companion; always sticks by your side ready to lend a hand whenever you need help.

Though you may have seen companies advertising ventless portable air conditioner units, it is important to understand that all portable machines require some sort of venting. Generally, you run a plastic pipe from the machine out the window.

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And keep reading for information that you should know before investing in one of these units.

Portable AC Accessories

Vent Kits

Portable air cons usually come with vent kits. The AC machine uses this kit to vent to the outside. While portable units are commonly referred to as being ventless, there is no such thing. The vent kit consists of an adapter that connects a window plate.

The adapter connects the hose to the window plate. The complete assembly is then fitted into the window frame. The vent kits can be used in both horizontal and vertical sliding windows.

A ceiling vent may be required for venting through the ceiling if window-venting is not practical.

Air Filters

Portable units, just like central air conditioning systems, have replaceable filters. As the device sucks in air from a room, the filters trap impurities. Activated carbon filters can last three months, so they need to be replaced regularly.

Types of Portable AC Machines

Single Hosed Portable AC’s

As the name suggests, a single hose pipe is used to transfer hot air from the back of the machine to the vent kit.

Double Hosed Portable AC’s

Unlike the single hosed system, this device has two hoses. One of the hoses brings in cool air from the outside while the other takes out hot air from the machine.

Heat and Cool Units

Some air cons have a heat function, so they can perform both heating and cooling functions as required by the user. When the heating function is activated, cool air is eliminated from the machine through the rear, while hot air is blown into the room through the front.


Most portable units come with a “dehumidifier” mode, so they can get rid of excessive moisture through an exhaust hose. In that mode, the device acts as a dedicated moisture remover. In addition to cooling the room, these devices will get rid of excessive moisture more effectively.

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