Ventless Portable Air Conditioner

Recently, one of the visitors to our website inquired about if there was a ventless portable air conditioner.

In my reply, I said that I had never heard of that, but I promised to do my research and get back to them. The research was necessary because there may have been an advanced air conditioning unit that I had completely missed.

However, after my research, I established that a portable unit known as Haier CPN14XH9 14,000 BTU Portable Room Heat/Cool Air Conditioner is described as being able to function without a vent. Unfortunately, the same description goes on to indicate that a ‘’window exhaust kit’’ comes with the purchase.

It is my belief that what Haier are doing is trying to convince us, you and me, that the term “vent” should be used for permanent installations such as what are used for clothes dryers. Anything else that is not permanent like those used by portable ac unit models are “window exhaust kits.”

This description makes me think that if your choose to buy this Haier AC, you will be “window kitting” and not venting out hot air as it is supposed to be.

I can authoritatively say there is nothing like an air conditioner without a vent. Not in this age, even if it is portable.

This does not necessarily mean that there are no portable cooling units that do not require vents. There are actually three of them. A fan and a small window air conditioner do not require vents to operate. The роrtаblе swamp cooler (or portable evaporative cooler as it is also called) is the third unit.

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